Neighborhood Watch Program

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The members of the HOA have elected to recruit citizens of Country Lakes into an organized Neighborhood Watch Program (NWP). We have had a NWP in the past and found it effective in reducing crime in our neighborhood.

We are in contact with members of the St Mary’s County Sheriffs Dept who attend our board meetings and we have reached an agreement with them to re-instate the NWP. We agree that it would be to the best advantage for us to have more cooperation between our citizens and law enforcement.

Some of the advantages would be an awareness of what is happening in our area, and a better awareness of each of our parts in crime detection and prevention to make our streets safer for all.

We will need block captains and points of contact who can meet and exchange ideas and information on current activities. We will establish an open line with our police representatives in an on going attempt to keep our homes aafer and more secure.

Neighborhood Watch has now expanded to incorporate natural disasters as well as other emergencies.

If you are interested in participating or have any suggestions, please contact Don “Pud” Graham at 301-884-5236 or 301-717-6474 OR complete the form below. Thank you!

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