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Got Worms? Inchworms aka Cankerworms

GOT WORMS? Cankerworms – the little inch worms hanging from the trees on silk… Here are some websites to helpful information about these insects:

Probably the best advice is to remember “This too shall pass…” They will be gone soon, as they enter pupation. There is one generation per year. Will they come back next year? Maybe, but insect populations are cyclical and within a couple of years the populations will crash and the problem will go away.

One year of defoliation early in the season is usually not too damaging to trees unless they are under stress anyway. Pesticides will probably not prevent the nuisance factor. For now, try a broom to sweep them away and keep them from hitting you in the face. Large numbers can be washed away with a hose and sprayer with some soap in it.

Hope this helps…