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Newsletter – Q1 2020

Playground Renovation Project and Delinquent Dues 

As many of you know, one of our goals is to update the playground equipment at the community park. One way of ensuring that we can do that is collecting on past due accounts, which are upwards of $35,000

Several delinquent accounts have been sent to the Law Offices of Richard M. McGill for collection. Once accounts have been transferred to the law firm, the HOA can no longer accept payments toward delinquent dues. 

The yearly dues for 2020 are now $56.81. Keeping your dues current is extremely important. If you are unsure of your payment status, please submit this form or contact as soon as possible to avoid further action on your account.

Gun Laws and Hunting Regulations

There has been lots of chatter in our social media community about firearms in our community.  We did some research for you and have found the following information for your reference. More regulations and safety tips can be found at the Maryland DNR website (  and the Municode Library website ( 

Maryland DNR: “It is illegal to hunt, shoot or trap wildlife within 150 yards of any building or camp occupied by human beings without permission of the owner or occupant. For archery hunters this distance is 50 yards in St. Mary’s county.”

Municode Library: “In St. Mary’s County a person may not engage in target practice with or discharge a gun or weapon on certain lands without first obtaining written permission of specific individuals; provided that violation of said Act is a misdemeanor; and provided certain penalties on conviction of a violation of said Act.”

If you have concerns regarding events taking place on or near your property and you believe them to be in violation of local laws, please contact the local Sheriff’s department.

Who Owns and Maintains Our Community Roads?

We get this question in our voice mail, e-mail, at meetings, and on community facebook groups. Often enough to make it a frequently asked question here on our website. The answer reads “The roads belong to the County thus St. Mary’s County is responsible for the upkeep of the roads.” We wanted to expand on that answer to provide more clarification.

Who Owns the Roads? The County, as agreed on June 2, 1976 between the developers and Board of County Commissioners of St. Mary’s County. When it comes to maintenance, the main agency involved from the County is the Department of Public Works (DPW).

Following is a list of certain scenarios that may have us questioning what to do. We hope to provide you reasonable answers and advice. Here goes:

Who Maintains the Roads When It Comes To…

…Vandalism? Rare, but not unheard of, spray painting on the roads should be reported to DPW and optionally the Sheriff’s office.

…Potholes? Never nice to drive around, let alone through, and often easily patched: DPW.

…Cracks? Often filled in with tar (making unfortunately unsightly ‘tar snakes’), rather than a full width coat, DPW.

…Sinkholes? As has happened on Asher Rd and Cox Dr where sections of the road collapsed – creating not only a hazard but a closing off of some of the only 3 official access roads to this and neighboring developments – DPW.

…Snow on the roads/shoulders? DPW. However, you will often see residents with snowplows going through the roads as well, rather than wait for DPW, and also offer to clear your driveways (for a fee or for free).

…Snow around fire hydrants? Residents. While not officially required, the County will not clear the area around fire hydrants preemptively. Snow build-up around hydrants can delay fire crews’ work significantly. If a hydrant is on your property, consider clearing it up to 3 feet around, and a path out to the street. The MVFD will be very grateful!

…Driveway aprons? DPW. While many may consider the end of the driveway that flares out into the roads to be part of their property, work on the apron and any underlying culvert pipes is the responsibility of DPW. Performing unauthorized work yourself can even lead to fines and the work being undone, and re-done to DPW’s specifications.


Through County official installation, often as part of a special taxing district after a decision by the Board of County Commissioners, DPW.

Through the HOA, via rental from SMECO. The HOA currently rents a single light and pole at the intersection of Asher Rd and Mechanicsville Rd for visibility and safety purposes

Through individual residents, via rental from SMECO. Before considering renting a street light, consider the cost as well as the impact on surrounding properties; not everyone may appreciate a street light near their property.

2020 Dues Notice

Our yearly dues are now $56.81. You can expect to receive dues statements for 2020 around June. Please check here or contact if you have any questions about your status.

Coyote Concerns

According to the Maryland DNR, Coyotes now inhabit all counties in Maryland. Here are some common sense steps to reduce the possibility for conflict. Read the full article here.
— Remember coyotes are wild animals—respect them and give them plenty of space.
— Don’t try to approach or feed them.
— Don’t leave food out where they can access it, as this only increases the chance they lose their natural fear of people.
— Feed pets or livestock inside homes or barns. If you must feed them outside, give only enough food for one meal at a time so there are no leftovers to attract unwanted guests.
Find more resources at the Maryland DNR website.

Pets: Lost and Found

We often hear of pets escaping their yards/homes. Please be mindful of this when walking/driving through the neighborhood. Special thanks for all our neighbors for helping to locate, capture, and temporarily foster missing pets until their owners can be found. Facebook is a great place to communicate when your pet is lost or found. Word travels fast!

Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

In case you missed it, our winners for the 2019 Holiday Decorating Contest are listed here. Each of our winners received free dues for the year.

26869 Kelli Ct

26372 Tin Top School

26744 Tin Top School

Please remember that winners must have their dues paid in full at the time of the contest. We had a few contenders this year that could not win because of delinquent dues. Contact us to check on your dues status.

Happy New Year! See you at the next HOA Meeting and other events throughout the year!
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