Making a dues payment

Country Lakes Homeowners Association dues may be paid through several options.

Unsure how much you owe in dues, if any? Please contact us through the Check My Dues Status form.

Know you only owe this year’s dues, but lost your dues letter? Check the same form to see the rate for this year.

  • Check
    The most common form of payment is by sending a check for the amount of dues owed to:

    Country Lakes Homeowners Association
    PO Box 632
    Mechanicsville, MD 20659

    Please make sure to include your name and the address for the property being paid for.
  • Bill Pay
    Bill Pay is a online service offered by most banks.
    Rather than you having to mail out a check, your bank will take care of this for you.
    Please check your bank’s services for more information.
  • Cash
    Dues may also be paid in cash. Simply join us at one of our meetings.
    Provided our Dues Manager is present, payment can be taken care of directly.
  • Online/Electronic payment
    Dues may also be paid electronically. However, a small service charge will be added.
    The exact charge will vary based on the amount owed. If accepted, a link to provide payment will be made available to you.

    To request this option, please fill out the form below.

Request Online Dues Payment



If your account has been referred to a lawyer for failing to make dues payments, you must contact them. The Country Lakes Homeowners Association will not be able to discuss dues or dues payments with you once your account has been referred.