6 Runner Safety Tips

It’s summer. That means warmer weather, more daylight, people out and about enjoying the sunshine-it has to be safer to run outdoors, right? Wrong.

Generally speaking, yes, it is safer to run when it’s light out, as opposed to when it’s dark, but there’s something that happens to most of us during daylight-we feel invincible. And this is just as hazardous as running by ourselves at midnight on a poorly lit street.

According to a UNIFEM report, one in three American women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime with the abuser usually someone known to her. If you find this shocking, it is.

If you’re wondering what it has to do with running, I’ll tell you that assailants are no longer waiting for the cover of night to strike. They will surprise you in the early hours of morning, during a midday trail run, or abduct you from the streets of your neighborhood. Just ask the five bay area women threatened while running a popular trail; or the woman who jumped over a cliff in Malibu to escape her attacker, or even Candice Moncayo who escaped Chelsea King’s killer.

It can happen and we want you to be safe. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE for some of the best tried and true safety tips from police officers, EMT’s, and other safety experts.