Consequences of Delinquent Accounts

Several months ago we announced an initiative to bring all delinquent accounts into good standing. We acquired the services of the Law Firm of Andres, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett, and as of September 30, 2016, transferred delinquent accounts for collection. Once the account has been transferred, the Law Firm has full control of the collection process and the HOA can no longer discuss or accept payment towards any delinquent dues. Failing to pay your yearly HOA fees does result in serious consequences.

An Example – From our Attorneys

If a homeowner has unpaid HOA fees in the amount of $400, here’s how that cost can increase quickly as the result of being sent to collections:

  • $200 Attorney’s fee to prepare and send a warning (demand) letter
  • $36.40 Fee to verify whether or not the owner is on active duty
  • $34 Fee paid to the Court to file the lawsuit
  • $40 Fee paid to process serving of the lawsuit (can increase if owner is difficult to locate)
  • $750 Attorney’s fee for all work done in connection with the lawsuit

Check the Status of Your Dues

Are you new to the neighborhood or can’t remember if your dues are current? Please complete the form below or email Include your name and street address and we will check on the status of your dues right away.