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Newsletter: 3rd Quarter 2016

10/30/16 – Download the PDF

Letter from the President

We are reaching the end of the fiscal year and there are still several events taking place before the year is over. There are two very important events for which the Board historically gets very little or no support. The first is the preparation and submission of the fiscal year 2017 Budget, which will be presented during the November 14 board meeting. Second, the CLHOA Annual Elections (Meet & Greet) which takes place on Sunday, December 11, 2016, at Christ Episcopal Church from 4-6pm.  These are both very important events that decide the upcoming and future plans for our community. We encourage you to make every effort to attend these events, so please mark your calendars and support your HOA. You will get a taste of the challenges facing your association. We are working for you, but to see the changes you hope for, we must hear your voice!

In the last newsletter we announced the board’s initiative to bring all delinquent accounts into good standing. To achieve the initiative, we acquired the services of the Law Firm of Andres, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett. As of September 30, 2016, CLHA has transferred the first batch of delinquent accounts for collection to the Law Firm. Be aware that once the delinquent account has been transferred, the Law Firm has full control of the collection process. This is a reminder to make every effort to bring your dues current as soon as possible.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Ms. Kim Beachy, dues Manager at or 301-904-8114.

Kindest Regards,

Cesar Afanador
Country Lakes Homeowners Association

Trunk or Treat Details

We will celebrate on Halloween, October 31 from 6-8pm at the park. There will be a bonfire and plenty of candy for the kids. Someone will be on-hand at 5:30 to direct traffic to the parking area for residents that participate in handing out candy.  Otherwise, please use the main parking lot.  Please watch out for cars!

National Night Out Report

This popular event was on Tuesday, August 2nd at the park. It is an annual event held in conjunction with other National Night Out events across the country. Approximately 100 Country Lakes residents and guests were in attendance.

Special guests were the Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad, SMECO, the Mechanicsville Volunteer Fire Department, the Maryland State Police – Leonardtown Barracks, and the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department. SMECO brought one of their line trucks and the fire department performed a “spray-down” in a nearby ball field. Thank you to all of these groups for talking to guests, handing out literature, and doing demonstrations featuring their vehicles and/or equipment.

Thank you to the CLHA board members & others who volunteered their time & efforts to bring food, drinks, desserts, snacks, condiments, supplies and games. A special thank you to our grill-masters who cooked hamburgers & hotdogs for all to enjoy.

The CLHA board also wants to thank the following local businesses that donated door prizes for this event: Clay Creations of Mechanicsville, the Pax River Naval Air Museum in Lexington Park, and Pizza Hotline in Charlotte Hall.  We hope to see everyone again at the Country Lakes’ National Night Out event in 2017!

Community Clean up Report

This year we had five community service workers and four residents helping to clean up the community roads and common areas. There were approximately eighteen (18) bags of trash picked up along Tin Top, Yowaski Mill, and at the bottom of the hill on Asher (at the guardrails).Thanks to those that managed this event and all that participated. Our next community clean up event will be in the Spring of 2017. Stay tuned for the date.

Walking Trail at the Park

Our walking path at the park is about 3/5 of a mile and now that the weather is cooler, it is a great time to get out and exercise.  The walking path is level and made with recycled asphalt.  Take advantage of it.  Your pets are welcome too, but please bring a garbage bag to clean up after your pets.

See our events page for the remaining activities for 2016!

Newsletter: 2nd Quarter 2016

Letter From the President

Dear Country Lakes resident,

As many of you have already noticed, the Country Lakes HOA board of directors has acquired the services of the Law Firm of Andrews, Bongar, Gormley & Clagett as a mitigation initiative to bring all delinquent accounts into good standing. The initiative was necessary due to the excessive deliquencies.

The collected funds will be invested into the recreation area at Cox Drive and other services the HOA provides to its members and our community in general. If you have questions or concerns, contact our property manager, Kim Beachy, at your earliest at or 301-904-8114. Kim is working all requests diligently and as expeditiously as possible.

We want you to be informed and we welcome your comments and participation as well by using our Website ( or joining our monthly meetings. HOA meetings are on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7pm. Come to the paviion during warm months and Christ Church Parish Hall in Chaptico during cold months.

In addition, the HOA board of directors has started working on a master plan that covers the maintenance and improvement of the recreation area. We have received feedback from residents with very good ideas on park improvements. Again, your comments are welcomed and needed in order for us to plan and execute the real needs of the community. We appreciate your valuable input!

Kindest Regards,

Cesar Afanador | EMAIL ME
Country Lakes Homeowners Association

What’s Happening Online?

Have you seen the CLHA Facebook page? It’s an easy and quick way to communicate with your neighbors and board members directly. As of this newsletter, we have 404 followers and our posts often go viral, extending to “friends” of those followers as well.

We saw our biggest growth in number of friends during the first quarter of 2016!  That is great news; It means the word is spreading and our page is getting even more popular. Don’t you think that’s an even better reason to join us? Find us at

Dues Statements Have Been Mailed

Year HOA fees were due July 1, 2016.  Your dues statements were mailed in early June.  If you have not received yours or if you feel there is a problem with your dues statement please email Kim at or call our voicemail line at (301) 884-7297.  If you leave a voice mail message, please speak clearly and slowly, spell your name, and provide your mailing address. The voice mail system is checked for messages once per week.  We are an all volunteer board, so please be patient; we will return your call. Thanks for understanding and your cooperation.

Park Amenities and Safety

Our park offers a pavilion with picnic tables, playground,   two softball fields, a baseball field, a basketball court, two tennis courts and a walking path (almost 4/5th of a mile). All residents of the community are welcomed to use these amenities. Things to remember:

  • The park closes at dusk. 
  • There is safety in numbers.
  • Clean up after your pets.
  • Respect the equipment (basketball rims, tennis nets, ball field backstops, swings, etc.)
  • Playground equipment could get hot in the summer sun.
  • Your safety and the safety of your children are your responsibility.
  • And most of all, ENJOY YOURSELVES!

School is Out for Summer

School is out, which means a greater presence of kids around the community during the day and evening hours. Be mindful when driving through our streets. 

ATTENTION PARENTS! Please share these pedestrian and biking rules with your children for their safety: 
When walking on the shoulder of a street, you should be facing oncoming traffic.  When bicycling, ride with the flow of traffic (on the same side).  Stop signs are intended for motorized vehicles AND bicycles.

Upcoming Repairs Near the Park

County Maintenance will soon begin working to repair a sinkhole near the access road to the pavilion from Cox Drive.  We estimate the work to take approximately 3 days. Please watch out for workers and possible road closures. We will try to alert everyone in advance of any closures that may affect your travels in the community. Please check our Facebook page often.

Submit a Bid

You have likely noticed the recurring sinkhole between the pavilion and playground. Please continue to stay away from the fenced off area. We currently have 1 bid for the repair work and would like to receive 2 more.  If you or someone you know are interested in the repair work, please contact us with a bid here.

Your Feedback is Valuable to Us

Our volunteers try their best to respond timely to Facebook messages, voicemail messages, e-mails, and form submissions.
We urge you to participate in our monthly meetings, where a local police officer listens to our needs and concerns. The bigger presence we have at these meetings, the better change you will see in your community. Interested in volunteering? Click here. Thank you.

Upcoming Events – 3rd Quarter 2016


11th – HOA Board Meeting

Park pavilion at 7pm.


2nd – National Night Out

Join your neighbors at the park for a fun night of food, games and door prizes. This annual community-building event promotes police-community partnerships
and neighborhood comaraderie to make our
neighborhood a safer, better place to live.

8th – HOA Board Meeting

Park pavilion at 7pm.


10th – Community Yard Sale

Set up in your yard or at the pavilion. We will advertise on,, and Facebook. Please post your own signs, but remember to remove them following the event.

12th – HOA Board Meeting

Park pavilion at 7pm.

24th – Community Clean Up

Meet us at the pavilion at 9am to volunteer for this event. Board members will be on hand to manage the clean up route and provide supplies. Students can apply these hours to community service requirements.


Download the PDF

Newsletter: 1st Quarter 2016

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Spring Community Clean Up

A few years ago, the Country Lakes Homeowners Association (CLHA) discussed joining the county’s adopt-a-road program.  It only seemed fitting that we, as a community, volunteer to adopt the main thoroughfares in our neighborhood, Asher Road and Yowaiski Mill Road. The only requirement was that we hold a few yearly community clean up events to help maintain the cleanliness of our adopted roads.

Please join us on Saturday, April 9, at 9am at the park pavilion for our annual Spring clean up event.  Board members will be on hand to organize the event and provide supplies.  If you have yard gloves (and/or latex), we suggest bringing them along too.

Are you already busy on Saturday?

We understand.  If you can only stay for an hour or so, that is ok. If not, you can still contribute by picking up any trash you see on your own street.   If you have kids, they can apply these hours to the community service requirement for school, so send them down to the park at 9am. We will keep them busy!

Your 2016 HOA Board of Directors

On December 8, 2015 we held our annual Meet and Greet and Board Elections. Your new board of directors for 2016 are as follows.  Meet them yourselves by attending an event this year or better yet, a monthly meeting!  Contact the board at

Cesar Afanador, President
Elaine Green, Vice President
James Loveless, Treasurer
Mark Pullium, Secretary

Yearly Dues Reminder

Are your dues behind? We send out quarterly statements as a reminder to pay your balances. Our community relies on this income to maintain and improve the park, landscaping, utilities, organize events, and more. Check your dues status here. Thanks for your cooperation.

Easier to Reserve the Pavilion

The required Pavilion User’s Agreement form can now be found here on the CLHA website. Under “My HOA” or “Quick Access Links”, click on “Reserve the Pavilion” and then select “Download required contract (PDF)”.

This is a NEW, convenient way of letting you look over the pavilion contract BEFORE making a pavilion reservation request.

If the terms & conditions are acceptable to you, please complete the form or contact Monty Wright at to request a pavilion reservation for a particular date. Requests can also be made by phone by calling 301-884-7297.

CLHA members in good standing (ALL membership dues and any late fees paid up to date) are eligible to reserve the pavilion. Requests are accepted on a qualified first-come, first served basis. Check your dues status.

The CLHA pavilion can be reserved for private, personal get-togethers such as birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, family reunions, and picnics. The pavilion can NOT be reserved for organizational meetings or for any fund raising efforts. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are NOT allowed. There’s NO charge for reserving the pavilion. Only 1 pavilion reservation per day is accepted.

Once your membership status has been confirmed, you’ll be asked to print out 2 copies of the Pavilion User’s Agreement form and then meet with the event coordinator for you each to sign the copies. One copy the resident keeps and the other copy the event coordinator keep for their records. Once both copies of this form have been signed by the resident & the event coordinator, the resident is “locked in” and all set. The form provides the resident with a record of what they are and are not responsible for. In addition, it serves as the resident’s proof to the authorized, exclusive use the pavilion as approved by the CLHA board on the date & time period specified.

PLEASE provide at least a 2 week notice for pavilion reservation requests. The more advance notice the better! Go to the reservation form.

Board Meetings Now 2nd Monday

Our Board Meetings are now held on the second Monday of each month at either the park pavilion (during warm months) or the Christ Church Parish Hall on Zack Fowler Rd. in Chaptico (during cold months). Please bring your ideas/suggestions/complaints and we’ll try our best to address them appropriately. Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to attend these meetings!  Want to Volunteer? Call 301-884-7297 or submit this form.

Facebook Update

Have you seen the CLHA Facebook page? It’s an easy and quick way to communicate with your neighbors and board members directly. We currently have 394 followers and our posts often go viral, extending to “friends” of those followers as well.

We saw our biggest growth in number of friends during this first quarter of 2016!  That is great news; It means the word is spreading and our page is getting even more popular. Don’t you think that’s an even better reason to join us? Go to and check us out!

Upcoming Events for 2nd Quarter 2016 (see more here)


9th – Spring Community Clean Up – 9am

Meet us at the park pavilion. Board members will manage and provide supplies.  Kids can apply these hours to school community service requirements.

23rd – Community Yard Sale – 7am
Set up in your yard or at the park. We will advertise on, Facebook, and our website. We also encourage you to advertise on your own.


9th HOA Board Meeting

Park pavilion at 7pm.


13th HOA Board Meeting

Park pavilion at 7pm.

In Case you Missed It: Holiday Decorating Contest Winners

The CLHA board voted on Thursday night, December 17th on the best decorated houses in the community.  This year’s winners received gift cards to local businesses. If you didn’t see it on Facebook or our web site, here are the winners from the 2015 contest. Congrats, neighbors:
26869 Kelli Ct.
26981 Bosse Dr.
36974 David Dr.